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Baja Breeze 80

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Baja Breeze 80

Baja Breeze 80

Baja Breeze 80 takes it cues from fresh Spring grass with new shoots reaching to the sun. Vibrant greens that are great for regional installation(s) where rye and blue-grasses are predominant, or where you really want to make a green impact statement. Breeze 80 uses a smaller, soft C shape fiber that is extremely comfortable to touch and contact.

Product Information

Approximate Total Weight: 80 oz.
Approximate Pile Height: 1.75 in.
Yarn Color: Apple/Forest
Thatch Color: Tan/Green
Backing: Polypropylene Thatch
Fiber: Polyethylene
Infill: 1-2 lbs/psf
Warranty: 16 Years
Roll Width: 15 ft
Blade Type: Soft C
Drain Rate: 30″/hr



Ever since the W shape was released to the market, it has proven to be a very structured and durable yarn. The multi-dimensional nature of the W shape gives this yarn an advantage against all one-dimensional synthetic yarns because it reduces reflectivity to provide a more natural appearance. This also helps deflect hot sunlight, lowering  surface temperatures.

This Turf Is Pet Approved

Advanced backing to allow easy cleanup due to the high flow rate of the backing. With our advanced backing, you will be able to clean up after your pet and get them back to playing in your beautiful yard in no time!

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