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Artificial Turf FAQ’s

Here are the most frequently asked questions related to artificial turf & our products.

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General Artificial Turf Questions

Vivid Turf is utilizing the highest quality materials and cutting edge manufacturing techniques. This enables us to offer product warranties for up to 16 Years! Our large variety of products ensure you’ll find a product for any project!

Our synthetic turf products have a 20 – 25 year life span.
On a hot summer day the turf will get warm but is still enjoyable barefoot. You can easily cool turf by briefly misting it with water. We also offer multiple turf’s with advanced cooling technology for extra comfort.

Our fibers have UV protection to reduce fading and sun damage. On average, our turf color fades approximately 4-7% over the course of 15 years which is hardly noticeable.

Yes! Almost all our products have pencil size drainage holes throughout the backing. Only some products like putting greens do not have the “extra” drainage holes. Water will still drain through products such as these just not as fast. We also offer multiple turf’s with advanced draining technology.

None! All of our products are 100% lead free!

We offer a variety of USA made turf and imported turf. All our products are tested and lead free.

On average, each yard saves 55,000 gallons of water annually compared to natural grass. Yard’s with large square footage may save more water.

Pet Turf Questions

Of course! No more muddy paws. Our products are safe, and our infills are 100% non-toxic. Waste is easy to clean up and does not discolor or stain. We also offer advanced drainage turf exclusively for pet’s for maximum cleanliness. 

It could if you don’t properly maintain it. This is best avoided by periodically rinsing/flushing areas where your pet urinates. We offer a deodorizing infill that minimizes any pet odors from starting.

For maintaining pet turf, it is recommended to use a deodorizing infill to reduce odors. When cleaning up solid waste, it is recommended to wait until fully dry. Then, the area can then be treated with a liquid enzyme cleaner.

Turf Maintenance Questions

Synthetic turf requires a pinch of maintenance when compared to natural grass. If your turf begins to flatten, a synthetic bristle brush can be used in the opposite direction to fluff up your turf. Pet waste and common spills like coffee or food should be spot cleaned and hosed down to prevent any potential stains and odors. A brief spray can also wash away any pollens from your turf. Every turf product will vary in care instructions depending on the material and type.

There may be some instances weeds sprout from the bottom of the turf through the infill. This usually occurs around the borders. Common weed killers can be used to treat the weeds as they do not contain chemicals harmful to the turf.

We have not seen any permanent stains, even paint can be gently removed using a paint remover. As precaution, any spills should be rinsed/removed properly from the turf as soon as possible.

Thanks to the turf’s drainage, mildew and mold are typically not a problem. However under the certain environmental conditions such as standing water, it may develop. This can be treated with household products or vinegar applications.

Delivery Questions
Yes we do! Please call for details.

You can pick up your turf as soon as Today! We make it our goal to always have turf available for purchase and pick-up. Please call for availability.

We have rolls that come 12, 13, and 15 feet in width

Yes we can custom cut “Linear Length” we cannot cut rolls in the middle though.