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Baja Sage 93

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Baja Sage 93

Baja Sage 93

Baja Sage 93 is a popular choice featuring 22-synthetic Matrix turf fibers per each stitch highlighting strong tan and biege fiber attributes. The tall pile height, low sheen and sheer complexity of Baja Sage 93 creates a comfort and look unlike any other product.

Product Information

Approximate Total Weight: 93 oz.
Approximate Pile Height: 2 in.
Yarn Color: Dark/Olive/Forest
Thatch Color: Tan/Green
Backing: Polypropylene Thatch
Fiber: Polyethylene
Infill: 2 lbs/psf
Warranty: 16 Years
Roll Width: 15 ft
Blade Type: W, Diamond
Drain Rate: 30″/hr



Ever since the W shape was released to the market, it has proven to be a very structured and durable yarn. The multi-dimensional nature of the W shape gives this yarn an advantage against all one-dimensional synthetic yarns because it reduces reflectivity to provide a more natural appearance. This also helps deflect hot sunlight, lowering  surface temperatures.

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