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You can measure multiple yards at once. To add more, press the “Draw” button.

If you want to exclude certain areas from your lawn square footage calculation, such as concrete areas in your yard, a patio, deck, or pool, simply subtract the area by clicking on the “-” button. You can also delete and lock measurements from being edited.

Once you have calculated your area’s square footage, see what your estimated installation price is using our Installation Pricing Calculator!

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Please note that the measurements provided by our tool are estimates and may not be entirely accurate. Variations in terrain, vegetation, and other factors may affect the precision of the calculations. Therefore, we recommend using these measurements as a guide only and not as an exact measurement of your property’s size.


Use this calculator to estimate the budget needed for your Artificial Turf project.

If you haven’t already figured out the square footage of your area, you can use our Online Landscape Measuring Tool to quickly get an approximate measurement of your area.

You can calculate the budget for both lawn and putting green installations.

Artificial Turf Project Estimate Calculator

Lawn How much Sq Ft is your area?


Putting Green How much Sq Ft is your area?


Your Budget



Putting Green


Installation Project Minimum Spending

Lawn Installations Putting Green Installations
$2,000 minimum spend $2,500 minimum spend
Installation Type Minimum Spend
Lawn Installations $2,000 minimum spend
Putting Green Installations $2,500 minimum spend


All installations include ~2 inches of Base Material, Seaming Material, Labor, and Infill Material (when applicable)

Service Type Price Per Square Foot
Lawn Installation Starting at $4.99 (ask about volume discounts)
Putting Green Installation Starting at $8.15 (grass/fringe surrounding the green will apply, up to 3ft.)
Borders Price varies on border choice
Dirt Removal, Drainage, Putting Sand Bunkers Price will depend on job size and weight
Accessories Additional accessories, aluminum or plastic putting green cups, poles & flags vary.

When determining the square footage of material needed for your installation, it’s important to consider the width of the material. Our artificial turf is available in 15-foot widths. For instance, if your area measures 20′ x 13′, your price will be determined by an area of 20′ x 15′, accounting for the minimum width of the product and the need for additional cutting and some waste during the installation process. Additionally, it’s essential to ensure that the grain of the grass is always in the same direction. For further guidance on calculations, please reach out to our team of artificial experts.