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Summit Putt 84

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Summit Putt 84

Summit Putt 84

Summit Putt 84 is designed to give you the most realistic roll of your putts and allows you to elevate your golf game in the comfort of your own backyard. With the fresh colors of Viridian and Field, your personal putting green will naturally stand out. Summit Putt 84 is above all the others.

Summit Putt 84 is available in both natural rubber and polyurethane backing.

Product Information

Approximate Total Weight: 84 oz.
Approximate Pile Height: .62 in.
Yarn Color: Viridian/Field
Backing: 32 oz Natural Rubber Backing
Infill: 2-3 lbs/psf
Warranty: 15 Years
Roll Width: 15 ft
USA Made: Yes

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