About Us

Here at Vivid Turf we are proud of the quality and expertise we put into each project, from start to clean up! Its all done with PASSION. Your experience with us is key to our success, every project is unique and has its own design that requires individual attention to detail. With over 20 years experience in construction/customer service/ sales & Artificial Turf combined we have put together the dream team to serve you. Please join our growing family of customers and community that are proactive on water conservation and solutions to drought free landscaping.

We Stand By Our High Quality Materials

We Stand By Our High Quality Materials

Vivid Turf’s artificial experts have spent years of research and development to ensure we are brining nothing but the highest quality grade turf to the market.

We back all our turf purchases with warranty.

Baja Line

Natural Color Structure

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Coastal Line

Groomed Color Structure

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Summit Line

Vibrant Color Structure

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Our Mission

As we grow, we anticipate helping as many people as possible bring their vision to life. We will promote and increase awareness in water conservation efforts to help be a part of a solution to a major problem. Artificial turf has come a long way in its technology, appearance, and safety research in the past 5 years. We hope to maximize our clients goals and environmental impact as we pair areas with drought crisis & government, state, & county rebates. Please reach out to us today and be apart of our mission!


Competitively Priced

Vivid Turf offers a very unique product line, with several options to choose from. We are sure we can meet anyone’s budget. We pride ourselves on quality and as every project is different, we take the necessary steps & procedures to ensure that, while trying to provide the best option and price we can.